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Welcome on the website of Mark Ritsema.


"2020, against all trends, is an unadulterated productive year, a new album with
Polar Twins, a reissue by Spasmodique and a double CD by Raskolnikov".




'Raskolnikov: subdued jazz, melancholy soul, soul-searching shanties, and baroque themes. Inner city blues, imaginary nighttime travels through town, full of down-on-their-luck characters, dives, unrequited love, and the inevitable morning hangover. Mark Ritsema's songs are intense, yet fragile, and Raskolnikov are the nightflies, buzzing through the ether.'  (Dutchsound)

Raskolnikov release a double cd with their oeuvre during their active years. This collection of originals and covers is just a segment or a cautious 'Best Of'. A proud anthology of music that represents the heart and the soul. Real music.

Available by pre-order at: Sounds Haarlem

Polar twins - Maybe The Moon

Maybe The Moon is the second album of Polar Twins, the duo formed
by singer/accordionist Dirk Polak (frontman of Mecano Un-Ltd) and
singer/guitarist Mark Ritsema (frontman of Spasmodique). Their highly
acclaimed debut album Wee Small Hours At Swansneck (tf126, 2013)
consisted mainly of songs that were inspired by their European travels.
For their sophomore album we find the two baritones mostly at home in
Amsterdam (Dirk) or Rotterdam (Mark) musing over favourite subjects
like art, poetry, literature and music.

This results in a collection of melodic yet brooding songs in German,
French and English, that are full of abstract poetry, surrealism and
weltschmerz. At the Studio SanteBoutique of co-producer
Edwin Willemen, the material was richly arranged with strings, electric
and acoustic guitars and mallet percussion, backed by the solid rhythm
section of Joeri Rook (drums) and Peter Jessen \(double and electric bass).

The voices of Polar Twins and the way the rich and dark baritone of Dirk blends with the slightly more hoarse baritone of Mark, remain their strongest asset. The well-crafted and co-written songs of the duo reveal influences of artrock, prog-folk and baroque pop. They like to call it European folk music.

Maybe The Moon will be released 30th of October on 180 grams black vinyl and a limited and numbered edition of only 50 copies on 180 grams clear vinyl with a deluxe slipmat.

Available by pre-order at: The Tonefloat Shop



Release, for the first time on vinyl, the 5th album of Spasmodique - From Villa Delirium.

Available at: Sounds Haarlem

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